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Why can’t people be really fucking spontaneous more often. Like why don’t people get on buses in the middle of the night to see someone or call them and say what they feel exactly how they feel it. It’s all fucking mundane shit, trying to keep your cool, playing hard to get, hinting and confusing signals ugh I hate it 

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*runs out of breath while eating*

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making a resume when u have no experience 


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The level at which South Park takes its detail is ridiculous. Look at the audience

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me: I hate arguing

also me: I want him to say something to me so I can go the fuck off on his bitch ass!!!!!!!!

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my school actually has wifi but it crashed today because everyone was trying to get ios7

White people

ah yes, the new ios7 is only available for white people

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Marrying a white person seems terrifying tbh . Hiking ? Skiing ?!?!???? Camping ?!??????? MILD SALSA ?!???????????!!!!!!!!!!! COUNTRY CLUB ?!?!?????????????????!!!

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